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Arizona - Summer 2010

What follows is a collection of my ramblings and pictures from an awesome jaunt through the higher elevations of Arizona in June of 2010. I met some new friends and had a chance to catch up with some old ones. We spent a total of seven days out and about in some incredible landscapes and got in eight rides.
Day 1 - 2: Flagstaff - Part I
Day 3 - 4 Flagstaff - Part II
Day 4 - 6 North Rim of the Grand Canyon - Rainbow Rim
Day 6 - 7 Kaibab Plateau - Arizona Trail

Resources: Most of the resources you will find here are not my orginal creation, but are cared for by others. Dale Wiggins has mapped out a lot of the trails on Mount Elden and San Francisco Peaks in the Flagstaff area. You can access all of his maps at Cosmic Ray's Arizona MTB Guidebook is a great book to keep handy. Another good map, to pick up is the Flagstaff Trails Map by Emmit Barks. It is beautifuly done map. For the North Rim you will want the National Forest map that covers this area just to help with navigating all the backcountry dirt roads on the plateau. (Images below link to these items). I have mirrored copies of Dale Wiggins' maps here. 2021 UPDATE: Trailsforks is your best resource for electronic mapping in this area.  Cosmic Ray's Book is still a super value.

Rainbow Rim Trail Map by Dale WigginsDale Wiggin's San Fran Peaks MapDale Wiggin's Mt Elden MapNorth Rim AZT map by Dale WigginsFlagstaff Trail Map
For you Garmin GPS users, check out this link for a map image set for the entire state of Arizona. It is extremely detailed and well worth putting in your Garmin gizmo. Best of all it is free. There is a link on the site to donate to support the project. If you find it as useful as I did, you will be more than help to kick in a little donation coin.