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Copper Canyon in Mexcio Trip

    Located in Mexico’s largest state of Chihuahua, the Barranca del Cobre (Copper Canyon) system is a rugged wilderness area with a maze of 200 interlocking gorges that combine into five massive interconnected canyons.   It is as least seven times the size and 1,462 feet deeper than Arizona’s Grand Canyon.  This almost inaccessible canyon system was not even fully documented until 1986.  This area is home of the Tarahumara Indians, with whom you will certainly meet, still live much the way they have for thousands of years.

     This was so much more than a series of bike rides.  This was a truly enriching life experience were you interact with the culture and travel on untamed ancient trails while marveling in the splendor of surreal vistas that easily make this one of the most beautiful places on our planet.  I feel very fortunate to have traveled to such an incredible place.   Oh yeah, the riding was pretty awesome as well!

Mere words or pictures are wholly inadequate to describe this amazing adventure trip.  It was far too epic to capture onto a single page so follow the links below that will take you to my nearly unabridged notes from this amazing life experience.

The Video

Getting There and Tips

    This trip was put together by GeoJourneys and they really did things up right.  Other than alcohol and any souvenirs you want, the trip is all inclusive.  The buy your own booze thing is a mighty fine business decision because they could never make any money if all their clients were a bunch of drunkards like our group! :-)   The tour company's discussions with the group well before the trip lead to a ride schedule that fit the groups riding styles and strengths quite well.   As this was my first guided trip I feel they set pretty high marks in all aspects of the trip.  While they gave some really good tips and checklists ahead of time here are a few things I failed to heed as well as some other little things that I would like to pass on if you are going to do one of these trips.

Personal Medications and Remedies - While I brought along a few things, I wish I would have brought my favorite chest and sinus decongestant as well as some cough syrup.  The riding at high altitude in cool air coupled with the dust you get in your system from riding a lot gave me some chest and sinus congestion that I had to beat down. They had medications available but I prefer to use my favorites when I feeling a little under the weather.
CO2 cartridges - You can't take them on a plane so make arrangements with the tour company or mail them ahead to the first hotel you will be at. 
A writing tablet and pen - You will see so many incredible sights and have enough wonderful interactions with the people that you will inevitably have a tough time sorting them all out later.  Journaling your thoughts and actions each day is a good way to keep things straight.   Believe me all your friends are going to ask about the trip at some point.
Bike Luggage - While your bike box maybe the right size to be checked in as regular luggage, if you throw too much non-bike stuff in it you may put it over 50 pounds which can cost you $50-75 in each direction. (Learned that the hard way)
Digital Camera Memory - Bring twice as much as you think you will need.   I brought 2GB and could have used 4GB (8.2MP camera).  "While memory is cheap, memories are priceless" - Forgot where I heard the quote.
Plan on turning off all your gadgets that keep you in touch.  You most likely will not have service in the first place.    This is a vacation, remember?